Welcome to the 10kTrees WebServer!

This website provides a Bayesian inference of primate phylogeny, odd-toed and even-toed ungulates phylogeny, carnivorans phylogeny, and cetaceans phylogeny. In the near future, we may also include additional mammalian orders. The goal of the 10kTrees Project is to infer a set of phylogenetic trees from available data that is appropriate for comparative research. At this site, users can download a consensus tree, or they can download up to at least 10,000 trees drawn from the Markov chain sample and pruned to species of interest. Importantly, the 10kTrees Project is a work in progress and we envision regular updates to the dataset, trees and website.


For more information, see the Project Description and the Dataset section for primates, even-toed ungulates and cetaceans, odd-toed ungulates, and carnivorans, respectively.

The 10kTrees Project is supported by the NSF (for more details, see the Project Description).

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We are highly interested in posting additional mammal phylogenies provided by other research groups. For more information, click here.