General explanations

Empty fields in the Wilson and Reeder taxonomy indicate that the species name is identical with the GenBank name.

Fields with "NA" indicate that we found no direct translation for the GenBank name. This can be due to different reasons, see the 10kTrees documentation for details.

This table includes all carnivoran species that are used for Version 1 of the trees.

Translation table

Name in Genbank Name in Wilson and Reeder Common name Rank Clade
Acinonyx jubatus cheetah species Feliformia:Felidae
Ailuropoda melanoleuca giant panda / panda species Caniformia:Ursidae
Ailurus fulgens red panda species Caniformia:Ailuridae
Aonyx capensis African clawless otter / cape clawless otter / groot otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Aonyx cinerea oriental small-clawed otter / Asian small-clawed otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Arctictis binturong Binturong/ Bearcat species Feliformia:Viverridae
Arctocephalus australis South American fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus forsteri Australian fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus galapagoensis Galapagos fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus gazella Antarctic fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus philippii Juan Fernandez Fur Seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus pusillus brown fur seal / Cape fur seal / South African fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus townsendi Guadalupe fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctocephalus tropicalis subantarctic fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Arctodus simus NA short-faced bear / bulldog bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Arctogalidia trivirgata small-toothed palm civet / three-striped palm civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Arctonyx collaris hog badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Atelocynus microtis short-eared dog / short-eared fox / short-eared zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Atilax paludinosus Marsh mongoose / Water mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Bassaricyon alleni Allen's olingo species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Bassaricyon gabbii bushy-tailed olingo species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Bassariscus astutus ringtail species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Bassariscus sumichrasti cacomistle species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Bdeogale crassicauda bushy-tailed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Bdeogale nigripes black-footed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Callorhinus ursinus northern fur seal species Caniformia:Otariidae
Canis adustus side-striped jackal species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis aureus golden jackal / common jackal species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis himalayensis Canis lupus chanco Himalayan wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis indica Canis lupus pallipes Indian wolf / Iranian Wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis latrans coyote / American jackal/ prairie wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis lupus gray wolf / wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis mesomelas black-backed jackal / silver-backed / red jackal species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis rufus Canis lupus rufus red wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Canis simensis Ethiopian wolf / Abyssinian wolf / Abyssinian fox / Simien fox /Simien jackal species Caniformia:Canidae
Caracal caracal caracal species Feliformia:Felidae
Catopuma badia Bay cat / Bornean cat / Bornean Bay cat / Bornean Marbled cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Catopuma temminckii Asian Golden cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Chrotogale owstoni Owston's palm civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Chrysocyon brachyurus maned wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Civettictis civetta African Civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Conepatus chinga Molina's hog-nosed skunk / Andes Skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Conepatus mesoleucus Conepatus leuconotus American hog-nosed skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Crocuta crocuta spotted hyena / laughing hyen species Feliformia:Hyaenidae
Crossarchus alexandri Alexander's Kusimanse species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Crossarchus obscurus common Kusimanse / long-nosed Kusimanse species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Cryptoprocta ferox fossa species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Cuon alpinus dhole species Caniformia:Canidae
Cynictis penicillata yellow mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Cynogale bennettii Otter Civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Cystophora cristata hooded seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Dusicyon australis Falkland Islands wolf / warrah species Caniformia:Canidae
Dusicyon thous NA crab-eating fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Eira barbara tayra / Tolomuco / Perico ligero species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Enhydra lutris sea otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Erignathus barbatus bearded seal / square flipper seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Eumetopias jubatus Steller sea lion / northern sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae
Felis catus cat / domestic cat / housecat species Feliformia:Felidae
Felis chaus jungle cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Felis margarita sand cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Felis nigripes black-footed cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Felis silvestris wildcat species Feliformia:Felidae
Fossa fossana Malagasy / striped civet species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Galerella pulverulenta Cape Grey mongoose / small grey mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Galerella sanguinea Slender mongoose / black-tipped mongoose / black-tailed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Galictis cuja lesser grison species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Galictis vittata greater grison species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Galidia elegans ring-tailed mongoose species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Galidictis fasciata broad-striped Malagasy mongoose species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Genetta angolensis Angolan genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta bourloni Bourlon's genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta cristata Crested Servaline genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta genetta Common genet / Small-spotted genet / European genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta johnstoni Johnston's genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta maculata Rusty-spotted genet / Panther genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta pardina Pardine genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta poensis King genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta servalina Servaline genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta thierryi Haussa genet / Thierry's genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta tigrina Cape genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Genetta victoriae Giant Forest genet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Gulo gulo wolverine / glutton / carcajou / skunk bear / quickhatch species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Halichoerus grypus grey seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Helarctos malayanus sun bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Helogale hirtula Ethiopian Dwarf mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Helogale parvula Common Dwarf mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Hemigalus derbyanus banded palm civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Herpailurus yaguarondi Puma yagouaroundi jaguarundi species Feliformia:Felidae
Herpestes auropunctatus Herpestes javanicus auropunctatus Small Asian mongoose / Indian mongoose /Small Indian mongoose / Javan mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes brachyurus Short-tailed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes edwardsii Indian gray mongoose / common grey mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes fuscus Indian brown mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes ichneumon Egyptian mongoose / Ichneumon species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes javanicus Small Asian mongoose / Indian mongoose /Small Indian mongoose / Javan mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes naso Long-nosed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes smithii Ruddy mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes urva crab-eating mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Herpestes vitticollis stripe-necked mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Hyaena hyaena striped hyena species Feliformia:Hyaenidae
Hydrictis maculicollis spotted-necked otter / speckle-throated otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Hydrurga leptonyx leopard seal / sea leopard species Caniformia:Phocidae
Ichneumia albicauda white-tailed mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Ictonyx libyca Saharan striped polecat / Saharan striped weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Ictonyx striatus Striped Polecat / African Polecat / Zoril / Zorille/ Zorilla species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Leopardus colocolo Colocolo species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus geoffroyi Geoffroy's cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus guigna Kodkod species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus jacobita Leopardus jacobitus Andean Mountain cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus pardalis ocelot / dwarf leopard species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus tigrinus Oncilla / little spotted cat / Tigrillo / Cunaguaro / tiger cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Leopardus wiedii Margay species Feliformia:Felidae
Leptailurus serval serval species Feliformia:Felidae
Leptonychotes weddellii Weddell seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Liberiictis kuhni Liberian mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Lobodon carcinophaga crabeater seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Lontra canadensis North American river otter / northern river otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lontra felina marine otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lontra longicaudis Neotropical otter / Neotropical river otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lontra provocax Southern river otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lutra lutra European Otter / Eurasian otter / Eurasian river otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lutra sumatrana hairy-nosed otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lutrogale perspicillata smooth-coated Otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Lycalopex culpaeus culpeo / culpeo zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycalopex fulvipes Darwin's fox / Darwin's Zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycalopex griseus South American gray fox / Patagonian fox / chilla / grey zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycalopex gymnocercus Pampas fox / graxaim / sorro / Azara's fox / Azara's zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycalopex sechurae Sechuran fox / Peruvian desert fox / Sechuran zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycalopex vetulus hoary fox / hoary zorro species Caniformia:Canidae
Lycaon pictus African wild dog / African hunting dog / Cape hunting dog / painted dog / painted wolf / painted hunting dog / spotted dog / ornate wolf species Caniformia:Canidae
Lynx canadensis Canada lynx / Canadian lynx species Feliformia:Felidae
Lynx lynx Eurasian lynx species Feliformia:Felidae
Lynx pardinus Iberian lynx species Feliformia:Felidae
Lynx rufus bobcat species Feliformia:Felidae
Martes americana American marten species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes flavigula yellow-throated marten / kharza species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes foina beech marten / stone marten / white breasted marten species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes martes European Pine Marten / pine marten species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes melampus Japanese marten species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes pennanti fisher species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Martes zibellina sable species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Meles anakuma Japanese badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Meles meles European badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mellivora capensis honey badger / ratel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Melogale moschata Chinese ferret-badger / small-toothed ferret-badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Melogale personata Burmese ferret-badger / large-toothed ferret-badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Melursus ursinus sloth bear / labiated bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Mephitis macroura hooded skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Mephitis mephitis striped skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Mirounga angustirostris northern elephant seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Mirounga leonina Southern Elephant Seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Monachus monachus Mediterranean monk seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Monachus schauinslandi Hawaiian monk seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Mungos mungo banded mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Mungotictis decemlineata narrow-striped mongoose species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Mustela africana Amazon weasel / tropical weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela altaica mountain weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela erminea stoat / ermine / short-tailed weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela eversmannii steppe polecat / white or masked polecat species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela felipei Colombian weasel / Don Felipe's weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela frenata long-tailed weasel / bridled weasel / big stoat species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela itatsi Japanese weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela kathiah yellow-bellied weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela lutreola European mink / Russian mink species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela nigripes black-footed Ferret species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela nivalis least weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela nudipes Malayan weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela putorius European polecat / black or forest polecat species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela sibirica Siberian weasel / Kolonok species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mustela strigidorsa back-striped Weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Mydaus javanensis Sunda stink badger / Javan stink badger / teledu / Malay stink badger / Indonesian stink badger species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Mydaus marchei Palawan stink badger species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Nandinia binotata African palm civet / two-spotted palm civet species Feliformia:Nandiniidae
Nasua narica white-nosed coati species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Nasua nasua South American coati / ring-tailed coati species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Nasuella meridensis Nasuella olivacea meridensis Eastern Mountain coati / Eastern Dwarf coati species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Nasuella olivacea Western Mountain coati / Western Dwarf coati species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Neofelis diardi Neofelis nebulosa diardi Sunda clouded leopard / Sundaland clouded leopard species Feliformia:Felidae
Neofelis nebulosa clouded leopard species Feliformia:Felidae
Neophoca cinerea Australian sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae
Neovison vison American mink species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Nyctereutes procyonoides raccoon dog / magnut species Caniformia:Canidae
Odobenus rosmarus walrus species Caniformia:Odobenidae
Ommatophoca rossii Ross seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Otaria byronia Otaria flavescens South American sea lion / southern sea lion / Patagonian sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae
Otocolobus manul Felis manul Pallas's cat / Manul species Feliformia:Felidae
Otocyon megalotis bat-eared fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Paguma larvata masked palm civet / gem-faced civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Panthera leo lion species Feliformia:Felidae
Panthera onca jaguar species Feliformia:Felidae
Panthera pardus leopard species Feliformia:Felidae
Panthera tigris tiger species Feliformia:Felidae
Paracynictis selousi Selous' mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus Asian palm civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Paradoxurus jerdoni brown palm civet / Jerdon's palm civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Parahyaena brunnea Hyaena brunnea brown hyena species Feliformia:Hyaenidae
Pardofelis marmorata marbled cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Phoca fasciata Histriophoca fasciata ribbon seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Phoca groenlandica Pagophilus groenlandicus harp seal / saddleback seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Phoca largha spotted seal / larga / largha seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Phoca vitulina Harbor / common seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Phocarctos hookeri New Zealand sea lion / Hooker's sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae
Poecilogale albinucha African striped weasel species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Poiana richardsonii African linsang species Feliformia:Viverridae
Potos flavus kinkajou species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Prionailurus bengalensis leopard cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Prionailurus iriomotensis Iriomote cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Prionailurus planiceps flat-headed cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Prionailurus rubiginosa Prionailurus rubiginosus rusty-spotted cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Prionailurus viverrinus fishing cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Prionodon linsang banded linsang species Feliformia:Viverridae
Prionodon pardicolor spotted linsang species Feliformia:Viverridae
Procyon cancrivorus crab-eating raccoon species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Procyon lotor raccoon / common raccoon / North American raccoon / northern raccoon species Caniformia:Procyonidae
Profelis aurata African golden cat species Feliformia:Felidae
Proteles cristatus Proteles cristata aardwolf species Feliformia:Hyaenidae
Pteronura brasiliensis giant otter species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Puma concolor cougar / puma / mountain lion / mountain cat / catamount / panther species Feliformia:Felidae
Pusa caspica Caspian seals species Caniformia:Phocidae
Pusa hispida ringed seal / jar seal / netsik species Caniformia:Phocidae
Pusa sibirica Baikal seal, Lake Baikal seal species Caniformia:Phocidae
Rhynchogale melleri Meller's mongoose species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Salanoia concolor brown-tailed mongoose / Malagasy brown-tailed mongoose / salano species Feliformia:Eupleridae
Speothos venaticus bush dog species Caniformia:Canidae
Spilogale gracilis Western spotted skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Spilogale putorius Eastern spotted skunk species Caniformia:Mephitidae
Suricata suricatta Meerkat / suricate species Feliformia:Herpestidae
Taxidea taxus American badger species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Tremarctos ornatus spectacled bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Uncia uncia snow leopard species Feliformia:Felidae
Urocyon cinereoargenteus gray fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Urocyon littoralis island fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Ursus americanus American black bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Ursus arctos brown bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Ursus maritimus polar bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Ursus spelaeus NA cave bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Ursus thibetanus Asian black bear / moon bear / white-chested bear species Caniformia:Ursidae
Viverra megaspila large-spotted civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Viverra tangalunga Malayan civet / oriental civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Viverra zibetha large Indian civet species Feliformia:Viverridae
Viverricula indica small Indian civet / Rasse species Feliformia:Viverridae
Vormela peregusna marbled polecat species Caniformia:Mustelidae
Vulpes cana Blanford's fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes chama Cape fox / cama fox / silver-backed fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes corsac corsac fox / steppe fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes ferrilata Tibetan sand fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes lagopus arctic fox / white fox / polar fox / snow fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes macrotis kit fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes rueppellii Rüppell's fox/ Rueppell's fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes vulpes red fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Vulpes zerda fennec fox species Caniformia:Canidae
Zalophus californianus California sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae
Zalophus wollebaeki Galapagos sea lion species Caniformia:Otariidae