General explanations

Empty fields in the Wilson and Reeder and Corbet and Hill taxonomy indicate that the species name is identical with the GenBank name.

Fields with "NA" indicate that we found no direct translation for the GenBank name. This can be due to different reasons, see the 10kTrees documentation for details.

This table includes all odd-toed ungulate species that are included in Version 1 of our dataset.

Translation table

Name in GenBank Name in Wilson and Reeder Name in Corbet and Hill Common name Rank Clade
Ceratotherium simum White rhinoceros species Rhinocerotidae
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Sumatran rhinoceros species Rhinocerotidae
Diceros bicornis Black rhinoceros / Hook-lipped rhinoceros species Rhinocerotidae
Equus asinus Equus (Asinus) asinus donkey / ass species Equidae
Equus burchellii Equus (Hippotigris) burchellii Burchell's zebra species Equidae
Equus caballus horse species Equidae
Equus grevyi Equus (Dolichohippus) grevyi Grevy's zebra / Imperial zebra species Equidae
Equus hemionus Equus (Hemionus) hemionus Onager species Equidae
Equus kiang Equus (Hemionus) kiang kiang species Equidae
Equus przewalskii Equus caballus przewalskii Equus caballus przewalskii Przewalski's Horse species Equidae
Equus zebra Equus (Hippotigris) zebra Mountain zebra species Equidae
Rhinoceros sondaicus Javan rhinoceros / Sunda rhinoceros species Rhinocerotidae
Rhinoceros unicornis Indian rhinoceros species Rhinocerotidae
Tapirus bairdii Baird's tapir species tapiridae
Tapirus indicus Malayan tapir species tapiridae
Tapirus pinchaque Mountain tapir species tapiridae
Tapirus terrestris Brazilian tapir species tapiridae